Meet Kareena Felker-Dear

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The first time Independent Sales Director Kareena Felker-Dear, from Georgetown, ON, tried to start her business, in 2000, she was 18 years old. Her Starter Kit, she admits, sat in a closet from the get-go, due to fear and lack of motivation. She returned to it again in September 2006, this time in earnest, to supplement her income from her “dream career” as a fashion photographer because as glamourous as it was, it did not generate the cash she needed to make ends meet.

“I was frustrated with the restraints of my other part time jobs, working in upscale bars and restaurants, so when my parents urged me to attend Seminar in 2006 I figured it was worth trying, if only for the emotional boost,” said Kareena.

She left Seminar with more than a change in attitude. “I was most attracted to seeing the millennial generation running with the business and most importantly, I realized I wanted to be just like the women I heard speaking on stage. I respected them the moment I saw them.”

Surprisingly, there was a drawback to coming from a Mary Kay family. “I had to start my business with very few leads, I had NO family to start with.” She also had to hone her presentation and easy chatter skills. “Hope and belief were my two best friends in a busy downtown Toronto core.”

For Kareena, her Mary Kay business has given her complete control of her life. Through her 20-something years it allowed her to travel, continue with her photography career and at the same time turn down work with bosses that were disrespectful. In her late 20s it allowed her to earn more income in the seasons that mattered most. At this stage in life, the money helped buy a home and pay for her wedding. Now in her 30s, with a toddler at home, Kareena has the flexibility to be a mom while earning income.

“I am proud of every single Career Car or diamond ring I have earned,” she said. “I think each one is a reminder of how far I’ve come from being that scared 24-year old back in 2006.”

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