5 Ways To Make Your Event A Successful Blast!

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Our guest blogger today is Kara Gallup, Independent Senior Sales Director from Lockwood, Missouri. She held her first MK5K® in March 2014 in honour of her mom, who is now in remission from breast cancer.

In her small town of 900 people, Kara raised more than $3,300 (U.S.). A portion went to her mom for cancer expenses, and more than $2,500 went to The Mary Kay Foundation in support of cancer research.

Since then, Kara has held an MK5K® every year, raising almost $10,000. The event has grown so successful that she even hired a race director to assist in the festivities.

Here, Kara tells us what made her event so successful and how you can do it too!

  1. Get Personal. I made sure to wrap the event around a local, personal connection. My first event was all about my mom, Janice Theurer, who also happens to be an Independent Beauty Consultant in my unit.
  2. Get Social. Social Media is powerful and free. I set up a Facebook page for my event. You can use whatever social networks you have. I found posting to be so easy – even from my smartphone! However, I do plan to put an ad in the newspaper for the August event to catch those who aren’t into the tech scene.
  3. Get sponsors. For my first event, I charged sponsors $200. Sponsors got their names on the back of the MK5K®T-shirts, and I raised enough money to cover event expenses before the race.
  4. Make it a Family Affair. My husband, Darren, was a big help. He’s in law enforcement, so he could setup the MK5K®route all over town. My sisters, Terry Dial, Independent Sales Director, and Jill Shelby, Independent Beauty Consultant, also rallied for the cause! Even my Granny, who sold Mary Kay® products for 30 years, had a role in the event. My kids also helped during the event, we truly are a family built on Mary Kay!
  5. Share Mary Kay Love!You know, all the things that make a Mary Kay event special. Pink things out. We parked pink cars and blasted fun music along the route. We gave awards and recognition. We also started with an opening prayer and the national anthem to give it the feel of a big event.

Happy fun-draising everyone!

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