Saying goodbye, and thanks

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Whenever I told people last summer that I was starting a job at Mary Kay, their response was predictable. “Are you going to drive a pink Cadillac?”

I would groan inwardly at the repetitiveness and cheerily explain that no, as a corporate employee, selling product and earning the use of a career car was not part of my job description.

But while I was confident that I wouldn’t be driving a pink car, I wasn’t sure what it would actually be like to work at Mary Kay. Nine months ago when I began covering a wonderful woman’s maternity leave as the interim Communications Specialist, I worried that I wouldn’t learn the lingo fast enough, or that management would be unkind, or even that I wasn’t skilled enough at applying makeup to fit in.

Of course, looking back on those early anxieties makes me laugh. They simply couldn’t have been further from the truth.

From day one, I have been made to feel welcomed, supported and loved. I’m sure that Mary Kay Ash would be proud of how passionate and positive the Canadian corporate employees are, and how much they take her philosophies to heart; the Golden Rule and the Go Give spirit are alive and well on Meadowvale Boulevard.

During my time here, I’ve gained fantastic professional experience, and for that I’m very grateful. But more meaningful than that are the conversations I’ve had with incredible members of the Independent Sales Force, the friendships I’ve made as part of such an amazing PR, Digital and Product Marketing team, and the many inspiring moments that reminded me that when you do what you love with a focus on helping others, you will always wake up smiling.

Mary Kay Ash hit it right on the mark when she said, “We are not just selling cosmetics, we are touching lives.” I now realize how enriched I am, too, because of my experiences here.

And I know that every time I see a car in that particular shade of Mary Kay pink, it will make me smile.


Jemma Wolfe
Communications Specialist, Events & Recognition (Contract)


  • Mary
    May 29, 2015

    Hey Jemma,
    You are a great writer and fit in perfectly. We will definitely miss you.
    Good luck in the future.
    You never know you might be back one day.
    mary 🙂

  • Heather Till
    June 1, 2015


    Although our paths didn’t cross a lot but when they did, it was always a pleasure…we will always have Family Fued to remember. Take Care and good luck.


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