It’s 2015 – Pick Up The Remote Control Of Your Life! – Part 1

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Adkins-Green Sheryl blog headshot - Copy.jpg-675x0It’s become a tradition each year for Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green, to kick off the New Year with an inspirational blog. Sheryl’s post always offer a unique perspective that forces us to take a new look at ourselves and encourages us to live to our maximum potential. Check out part-one of her New Year’s blog. You can follow Sheryl on Instagram and Twitter @sherryag.


Part 1 – Figuring out the remote control

While watching a TV program during the holiday season, I started thinking about how our lives are like remote controls. There are more buttons to push than we really need. They get more complex every year. When they are completely charged, they glide through everything easily. But when the batteries are drained, it’s almost impossible to control anything.

That’s just like so many of us.  We switch channels. We adjust the volume.  We fast forward. We rewind, and we hit pause. We turn things on, and we turn things off. Yes, we are remote controls. But, who is in control of your remote. Is it you? If not, then pick up the remote control of your life. Put in a fresh battery, and take full charge of your life in 2015!

First, hit pause and take time to program your goals for the new year. What do you want to accomplish? What will bring you joy?

Next, hit rewind. Replay those episodes in life that you enjoyed and take note of what worked well. Take a moment, but don’t dwell in the past. Most importantly, go ahead and delete any episode that you did not enjoy. Give yourself permission to move on.

Let’s talk about your volume control. On your personal remote, you control the volume of what you’re saying. Are you speaking up when you should? Are you making sure that your ideas and concerns are being heard? If not, then turn up the volume!  Make your voice heard.

Don’t forget that you control volume of what you’re hearing. Those words and messages that inspire and affirm you need to be turned up to loud. Full volume. Flood your mind with affirmation and success. On the other hand, if your hear words, especially your own words, that dilute your passion or trigger your fears and self-doubts hit the mute button.

Finally, delete the reruns from your playlist. If you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. You have to make changes to get different results.

Leave a comment and let me know what you are doing differently in 2015. Be sure to check back on Monday, January 12 for part two of my New Year’s blog post. I’ll cover suggestions for your Channel Guide!


  • Pj Odom
    January 5, 2015

    Amazing message! Thank you. Marking my calendar. Jan 12th

  • Ming
    January 5, 2015

    talk less & DO MORE
    follow-up & follow through

  • Erika
    January 6, 2015

    Great advise. Prioritizing is part of my estrategy for 2015. And following through.

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